Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Frimer Mazes, Rene Margritte's Son Of Man maze

Maze Son of Man Maze
Maze of Rene Margritte "Son of Man"

Solving mazes and other puzzles is good for the brain. By directing your brain power for a few minutes to a maze on your screen or newspaper, you can sharpen your mind and increase your mental ability.

To solve the maze, first you must find the entrances and exits, in this case marked by arrows. Then find the path that connects them. You can either try to do it manually by experimenting with each available path, or your can scan the document with your eyes, looking for breaks in the ink and using that to created a mental map of the entire maze.

For More Mazes by Yonatan Frimer, Check out InkBlotMazes.com and Team Of Monkeys . com

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